About us

Our purpose

Mana exists to accelerate the shift towards a fully decarbonized and circular economy. We develop and scale technologies to transform waste into clean energy and products. Our value creation is two-fold: we deal with society's growing waste problem, and we help meet the increasing demand for clean energy.

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We firmly believe that the most promising emerging low-carbon energy and fuel solutions will harness waste as their input source.

Jon Bergan

CEO, Mana

Mana's origin

Mana was established in January 2023, following the launch of a new corporate strategy at NG Group, our parent company. To fulfill its vision of pioneering circularity, NG Group will take bold steps to enhance downstream solutions for waste. With a recycling rate of 58 %, and 2.3 million tons of waste handled annually, NG Group is a leading player in the transition to a circular economy. Mana has set out to find better solutions for waste that today goes to sub-optimal treatment, such as incineration.

Our edge

Mana is uniquely positioned to disrupt the waste sector and pioneer waste valorization solutions together with partners. We have access to feedstock at scale, nearly 100 years of experience in waste management, in-depth competence on sorting, a strong team of engineering, waste management and business talent, and we are backed by patient capital.

Part of the NG Group

Mana is a proud part of the NG Group. The Group controls and manages a critical part of the Northern European waste management infrastructure through a large and modern asset base, serving over 40,000 customers across Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Finland and the UK, with a dedicated team of 2,200 employees.

With a nearly 100-year history, NG Group plays a pivotal role in driving the shift towards a circular economy, by turning discarded materials into new resources and products. Read more about the NG Group here.

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Jon Bergan


Jon has 27 years of experience from industry, including leadership roles at Hydro, Statkraft, Klaveness and NG Group. At Hydro, Jon built the downstream business in Belgium from scratch. Jon holds a BSc in Economics and a MSc in Energy from BI Norwegian Business School.

jon@managroup.no+47 48 07 52 69LinkedIn

Elise Svedal Nilssen

CFO, Director Strategy & M&A

Elise's experience spans the management consulting, investment banking and non-profit sectors, including Bain & Company, Deutsche Bank and the UN World Food Program. At Bain, she led projects across industries, focusing on growth strategy and change management. Elise holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BSc Accounting & Finance from Warwick Business School.

elise@managroup.no+47 92 25 51 48LinkedIn