We are working on a project to produce biocarbon from wood waste. We are currently working on batch tests with our partner to optimize the product for use in metallurgical smelters.

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What is it?

By treating wood waste with pyrolysis, a thermochemical process that involves heating wood in the absence of oxygen, the wood undergoes thermal decomposition. The process produces biochar, a stable carbon-rich material, which can be briquetted into a biocarbon-product suitable for the chemical reaction in metallurgical smelters.



Replacing fossil carbon with biocarbon will help the metallurgical sector reduce fossil GHG emissions, with minimum changes to operations. The use of biocarbon can also enhance the overall efficiency and productivity of smelters.

Where can it be used?

Biocarbon can be used as a metallurgical reduction agent. It can also be used for soil remediation and enhancement, or even as bioenergy for district heating.

Want to know more?

Picture of Mats Nygård

Mats Nygård

Project Director, Biocarbon

Mats joined Mana from NG Group, where he was Head of Strategy. He previously worked as a management consultant at Karabin. Mats holds a MSc in Finance from NHH, the Norwegian School of Economics.

Picture of Stine Johansen

Stine Johansen

Technical Lead

Stine has ten years of experience from industry, including as a Process Owner at Borregaard and as a Technical Lead, Wet Process in Arbaflame. In Arbaflame, the wet process is highly specialized and unique in the world. Stine holds a MSc ( in Chemical Engineering from NTNU, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.